Almost Chilly Weather Arrives for a Few Days, but a Gradual Change Follows in the Pattern

August 12th, 2013 at 1:36 pm by under 4 Warn Weather

Following passage of a sharp cold front, temperatures will be running fairly well below average midweek. But by week’s end, readings will be moderating and may actually climb a tad above average this weekend.The exit of showers with that cold front will also usher in a lengthy dry period which should last into early next week.

The Pacific NW trough/western ridge/eastern trough will dominate again most of this week. However, the extended range ensemble means are showing good agreement in establish a nearly zonal flow a few days later. The amplitude of the trough-ridge-trough will flatten out so that the flow will almost be W to E at our latitude–in the mean. There will still be some ups and downs not currently discernible in models during this 16 day time span from short waves. However, while this isn’t a true pattern shift with the rebuilding of a ridge near us, it will bring us generally comfortably Mild rather than oppressively hot & humid conditions. And this evolution will take the autumn tang out of the air by the weekend and beyond.

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  1. kt says:

    We were down in the DC area last week, visiting family. Happened to catch Amelia Seigel’s weather segment on Sat. night. If I hadn’t recognized her voice and the graphic, I don’t think I would have known her. Her on-air is far more polished than when she was here. It was good to see her doing so well.

  2. lois says:

    A pleasant, partly sunny, 73degrees here in Friendship. Quite a strong lightening storm around 9pm last night w/not too much rain. Cloudy skies persist today w/high humidity.
    Much snow is predicted for Winter. (Sled, get ready for that luge!)
    Happy for Amelia. She’s adorable.

  3. LisaZ says:

    I heard the Olean/Friendship area were hit hard yesterday with quite a bit of rain. What is your basis for the snow prediction, lois? Farmer’s Almanac?

  4. Don Paul says:

    “Much snow” is not predicted by anyone with an ounce of scientific credibility, Lois. We simply have no clue at this point…unless, gawd forbid, you’re relying on the Farmers Almanac gibberish.

  5. LisaZ says:

    Welcome back, Don! Vacations are always 2 weeks too short, aren’t they?

  6. Don Paul says:

    Yep…lots of catching up to do.

  7. lois says:

    Naw, just thought I’d throw that in there. (Wouldn’t admit to what you infer.)
    Welcome back, DP. Now, let’s get into met talk!

  8. Don Paul says:

    I would hope, Lois, that if we throw something “in there” we would accompany it with a qualifier, if we know it’s gibberish.

  9. lois says:

    My recall capabilities are not good (take pity) but will admit it must have been the Farmer’s Almanac. Sorry, but you’ve been away a long time. Hope you had a wonderful vacation.
    E and S of us are having extreme weather, but this immediate has escaped it all.
    Cooler and dryer air is upon us,however. Feels good.

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