Gradual Changes This Week, Quick Hit from Cool Weather for Mom

May 6th, 2013 at 10:00 pm by under 4 Warn Weather

Our streak of 70+ degree days reached 7 as of Monday, and a few more are likely to keep that streak going. A slow moving storm system over the south will send some very limited moisture into WNY on Wednesday. In the meantime we also had 5 consecutive days with 100% of the possible sunshine 5 days in a row…rare ’round these parts! A few¬† more spotty showers may be around on Thursday and Friday as well. During Saturday, a cold front will drop into the Great Lakes. The rainfall potential with this strong front remains quite uncertain, but Sunday/Mother’s Day will probably be our first day with below average temperatures in 2 weeks. A few showers may pop up with the cold air aloft producing some instability on Sunday, but it should be rainfree most of the time. Sunday night could bring some patchy frost inland IF skies clear enough and winds subside sufficiently. Monday will still be cool, but plenty sunshine will return, and readings will go back to above average by Wednesday. So, this chillier period is going to be strictly a quick hit.

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  1. Don Paul says:

    In addition to some limited midweek convection this week, I’m seeing early signs of a POSSIBLY more potent setup early next week for severe storms in the ensembles.

    And not to get ahead of myself, the modeled shear profiles I’ve just looked at for Wednesday this week may also produce some limited severe cells…strictly a maybe at this point.

  2. Dave from Roc says:

    Cold spring temps and rain reportedly taking a serious toll on some Ireland farmers:

  3. Dave from Roc says:

    “The five-week period from April 3 to May 7 was the coldest in 109 years of record keeping at Fairbanks, Alaska, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).”

  4. Tele Tony says:

    Just lit a fire in the woodstove to knock the chill back.

  5. Thinksnow13 says:

    According to the CPC outlook today, we will go from High probablilties of abobe normal temps and really good chances for rain in the 6 to 10 and then right itno EC in the 8 to 14 sandwiched between below avg temps and above avg anomolies. Talk about a roller coaster.

  6. Don Paul says:

    The sun has been very active the last few days…another X flare:

    Joint USAF/NOAA Solar Geophysical Activity Report and Forecast
    SDF Number 133 Issued at 2200Z on 13 May 2013

    IA. Analysis of Solar Active Regions and Activity from 12/2100Z to
    13/2100Z: Solar activity has been at high levels for the past 24 hours.
    The largest solar event of the period was a X2 event observed at
    13/1605Z from Region 1748(N12E86). There are currently 9 numbered
    sunspot regions on the disk.
    IB. Solar Activity Forecast: Solar activity is expected to be moderate
    with a chance for X-class flares on days one, two, and three (14 May, 15
    May, 16 May).

  7. Dave from Roc says:

    I noticed the last frame of the visible satellite before the sun set showed high clouds already crossing lake Huron and moving east pretty rapidly. Any chance these clouds will hold together and reach our region sooner than expected to limit the cooling later tonight? On a related note, both KBUF and KROC have a dewpoint of 33 at 10 P.M…maybe a good sign for low temps along that corridor.

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