Full Strawberry Moon

June 4th, 2012 at 12:24 pm by under 4 Warn Weather

By Ryan Farrell:

Weather Intern studying meteorology at SUNY Oswego

Have you ever heard of a strawberry moon?  Ever wonder where it got its name from?  According to Native American mythology, the name came about because of the short strawberry harvesting season that occurs in June.  Any full moon that develops in June is referred to as a strawberry moon, hot moon or rose moon.  If you get a chance tonight, take a look up into the sky at this spectacular sight.  Clouds should break a bit later on tonight so there is a good chance you’ll be able to get at least a glimpse! 

As an interesting side note, a partial eclipse of the strawberry moon occurred this morning and was visible in eastern Asia, Australia and western parts of the Americas.  This happens when the moon passes behind the dark side of the Earth, so the moon is partially shaded from the sun.

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  1. Juju the cat says:

    Don do you think it’ll clear up enough to see the moon tonight?

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