A Gusty Start, but a Less Eventful Week Overall

January 23rd, 2012 at 2:27 pm by under 4 Warn Weather

This week begins with a Wind Advisory for much of WNY, and a short-term concern about some late afternoon low-topped convection ahead of a Pacific cold front (both the wind and thunder potential were pointed out late last week here and on the air). The chilly, very gusty winds tonight will slowly give way to seasonably conditions Tuesday, though it will still be windy. Areas of low pressure currently appear slated to pass to far to the north and too far to the SE to bring us much of an impact by Thursday, with temperatures probably too warm for anything but a mix in the first place. A shot of seasonably cold, blustery weather will be setting up by later Saturday into Sunday. There are no signs of truly significant snow coming this week.

The overall pattern is still showing no signs of a ‘fundamental’ change, with no high latitude blocking evident in ensemble output to alter that view. Last week, it appeared that next week would be colder (though not extremely cold), and this morning’s output looks even a bit less impressive than that. At times, it will be cold enough for snow if the right short waves come along–more or less seasonable. But there will also be a few milder than average days as well next week. The NCEP 500 mb Ensemble Mean suggests seasonably cold conditions will prevail in the mean, in the extended range, with a bit of a western ridge and an eastern trough.

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  1. Juju the cat says:

    Ayuud, I was just going to post that haha. Chris, you’re right that most families of pro athletes are middle cla$s or lower income, however, many families still put in a lot of time and over time a lot of money. I didn’t say most families invest millions, I said many and if not millions of dollars, a lot of their time is invested. Some sadly don’t have their families’ support however, in these cases the athletes themselves put in years of hard work and huge sacrifice. My only point is they deserve to be paid the sums of money that they are paid. As far as the insurance actuarials I’ve heard it many times, NFL players have an avg life expectancy in their mid 50′s. I listen to WGR 550 probably 5 days a week while driving and watch espn every day. I’ve always been into/played sports, so sorry if I come off a bit know-it-all ish with this stuff.

  2. Charley says:

    The question is how many times will the Euro flip flop before the weekend. Wasn’t the crazy old Euro saying that this week that we’re in right now was supposed to be well below normal for temps? Look how well that panned out. Most of this week looks dry and above or at normal for temps.

    The CPC averages say nothing about short term cold blasts. We might get a few of those here and there but I am betting this mild pattern holds through March. Here we come, record books!

  3. Don Paul says:

    Don’t think we’re headed for the record books, Charley. Again, as I posted earlier, the CPC outlook is a Mean, and it does not include later runs during the day. Most of the cherry picking on this blog leans toward the wintrier solutions. I think yours is leaning in the other direction.

  4. Don Paul says:


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