An Active Weather Week, with More Downs than Ups

January 16th, 2012 at 12:38 pm by under 4 Warn Weather

A short term moderating trend is underway, with some rain (and some interior freezing rain for a few hours) to mark its arrival. The warming will last through mid-afternoon on Tuesday, followed by another sharp cooldown with some limited snow, blowing snow, and very Gusty winds to mark ITS arrival. A reinforcing shot of arctic air will arrive in the wake of a clipper-type low on Thursday, but that arctic air will depart the region as we move into the middle of next weekend. Virtually all signs are pointing to a lengthier period of warmer than average conditions on most (but probably not all) days until very late in the month, when a chillier pattern may begin to take shape.

The Tuesday evening snow will be minor on the Niagara Frontier compared to last Friday’s. But with winds gusting above 40 mph and rapidly falling temperatures, there will be some blowing snow for several hours along with the potential for a quick icing over of some surfaces. Farther south on the hilly terrain, more significant lake effect snow will set up later Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning but this snow, too, will not add up to the amounts seen Friday night into Saturday. The next arctic surge behind Thursday’s clipper looks to have less moisture associated with it.

The developing warm pattern next week will be widespread, with the exception of the Pacific NW and northern Rockies, and will have some staying power.

559 Responses to “An Active Weather Week, with More Downs than Ups”

  1. bruce says:

    I’m surprised Vegas has NE as 3.5 point favorites to start out. NYG did beat NE on NE’s home field earlier this year, and you have to be more impressed with NYG’s playoff wins than NE. Not to mention that this playoff year for those 2 teams is eerily similar to 4 years ago, and we saw how that ended. It’ll be interesting to see how the money is bet and which way the line swings over the next 2 weeks…I bet it goes toward NYG.

  2. C from P says:

    Don, if you’re talking all-time p@ssing statistics, Eli “ain’t on the list”, and Brady is last in a list of 25…

    Replace the “@” with a “a” in that link above.

    If you want a more opinionated view, here’s an article written by a Giant’s fan. Eli is also not on the list…

    You could argue that Eli has not been around long enough to make such lists, but I still stand my ground on him being inconsistent.

    TS, agree with you wholeheartedly on the Lee Evans comment…also hoping NYG crushes NE, and that Eli does NOT choke…we shall see…

  3. Cesna says:

    Don, I’m with you… Eli=Elite! He’s proven it to me over the last few years! He belongs in the same conversations with his brother, Brees, Brady, and Rogers!

  4. Jeff says:

    No way E. Manning belongs on any list, in terms of stats, with P. Manning. He will need many more years to prove himself, same goes for Aaron Rodgers. If Rodgers stays healthy, I have little doubt he will be among the the greatest QB’s ever. Tom Brady enjoyed his success largely because of surrounding circumstances. He has one of the best O-lines in the NFL and has had many top receivers in his days. He’s not a play caller and his long ball is weak, he’s a west coast style QB who goes to the screen more than anything else. A QB that can go to the line and call the game on his own is greatness, in my opinion. I can’t say that any QB in the NFL right now compares to guys like Montana, Marino, and Kelly as far as leading their offenses.

  5. Pat says:

    Really? I’m no NE fan and will be routing for the Giants, but Brady is one of the best QBs to ever play the game. He’s had some pretty questionable receivers at times and his O line hasn’t always been stellar but the guy still wins. I’m afraid it’s going to be a big blowout and Brady will be going to Disney!

  6. C from P says:

    Superbowls should be able to be hosted anywhere in the NFL, I’ve never liked the “we play in domes or subtropical climates only” attitude. Imagine a Superbowl in Green Bay or Buffalo with -14°F temps, 45mph winds, and blinding snow. Might cut down on attendance but it would make for a hard-fought, gritty game, where the toughest, most resourceful team comes out the winner. Remember that AFC championship where Oakland came in and beat Brady and Belicheat on their home turf (the refs had something to say about it and declared the Belicheats the winners)? That game said a lot about that year’s Oakland team. They met the challenge on hostile turf out of their element and should’ve advanced, a bad call proved them otherwise…

  7. Thinksnow12 says:

    Have agreed for years about SB locations C from P. If you allow it to be just warm weather and “perfect weather” (minus the Indy-Chi SB in Miami) You are removing the all important weather element to the game. What will be interesting to see is IF NYC can get snow game out of the 2014 SB. I will be rooting for a -NAO that year for sure!

  8. Don Paul says:

    Jeff, those are some of the most whacked-out comments on Brady I have ever read. He has an unbelievable arm, he is a brilliant play caller, he reads defenses incredibly well. Your views on Brady are as poorly thought out as was my October surprise forecast on the 11th!

  9. Don Paul says:

    Okay, ’nuff with football. Back to weather on a NEW THREAD, not that I have exciting news. We’ll still be watching for limited low-topped convection potential later today.

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