Stevie Needs to Grow Up

November 27th, 2011 at 10:21 pm by under 4 Warn Weather

I guess I’ll be the latest to heap abuse on Stevie Johnson.  What he did today was a joke.  Plaxico Burress, the subject of his ill-timed and ill-conceived celebration dance, summed it up best when he responded by pointing out that Johhnson did drop the potential game winning touchdown. 

When is this going to stop with Stevie?  When are we going to start believing that football is more important to him than his rap career, his public relations and his attention-grabbing dances?  I sense we won’t see that until Stevie’s wearing another team’s uniform.

The TD dance was dumb, and makes you wonder how much thought and planning he put into the act, and how much time he spent on it?  Was it planned to grab attention in New York City, the world’s attention-getting capital?  He would have gotten away with it, until he fell to the turf like a grounded jet.  That’s what actually drew the penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, not the dance.  It might have not been so bad, or gotten so much attention if Johnson hadn’t dropped the pass late in the game.  But the football gods don’t appreciate being mocked, and they provided their payback. So once again, we’re talking about everything but a very good game against Darrelle Revis, the NFL’s best cornerback.

Johnson is a free agent after the season, and he’s been angling for a new contract.  Good luck with that now.  Does he really think he deserves #1 receiver money?  Does he really think he’ll get it from the Bills?  I have to think they’re tired of his act. Is he a good player?  Yes.  Are there a lot of good receivers?  Yes.  Can the Bills find one who isn’t such a pain in the neck?  Absolutely.  It’s Stevie’s own actions and conduct that may cost him the big money deal he so desires.

So the the money’s probably gone, and so is the Bills faith in him as a #1 receiver.  I would expect to see another reciver drafted pretty high in the draft. 

That plan could leave Stevie dancing…right out of Buffalo.

4 Responses to “Stevie Needs to Grow Up”

  1. Trey Herring says:

    Way to go Paul you hit the spot perfectly with this blog. I can’t agree anymore or choose to disagree with you caz every point you made was absolutely correct. Just like every big shot Bills player does is do something stupid in Buffalo and we don’t tolerate that. (Lynch,Owens,McGahee) Keep up the good work. I enjoy following you on Twitter.

  2. Marc says:

    Paul I agree to an extent. Stevie does need to grow up. His actions may alone have cost us the game. @ Herring to compare him to those three, I would say he is not a trouble maker like those named. His actions where immature and should no longer be tolerated but dont put him on the first thing smoking out of one bills drive yet. Stevie was one of the only beacons of hope last season and he should get the credit for that fact. Former players like Lynch, Owens, McGahee and Maybin simply did not want to play here and it showed on and off the field. Lets face it, Stevie is a number one reciver in this league and to not resign a player of his caliber without having a suitable replacement would be foolish. He will make up for it, watch he always does.

  3. Pat says:

    No Paul
    The bills will resign him without a doubt

  4. bill loucks says:

    Stevie Johnson is an obvious jerk. The Bills are obviously asleep or ignorant. Players get rewarded for being out of the norm. Grossly over-paid, Johnson cannot play football. He is a clown who is not funny. Why pay these players so damned much money for not doing anything. Let the Bills get sold, leave town, they do not contribute anything to Erie County, just like the Sabres. Let Wilson pay for his own stadium elsewhere. The working people of Erie County do deserve better, not the buffoons masquerading as a team.

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