Rain, Wind, Flooding, Hail, Cold Temps

October 15th, 2011 at 5:58 pm by under 4 Warn Weather

That sums up what was saw pretty nicely today.

We still have the high wind warning until 7 AM Sunday.  Wind gusts as high as 55 mph overnight.  We received lots of viewer photos today of Rt. 5 and the lakeshore getting hit very hard.  There is also the lakeshore flood advisory until 9 PM.

This morning we saw some heavy rain and storms.  The upper air is pretty darn cold.  Cold enough to support some graupel/ice pellets this morning in the eastern suburbs.  Also there were reports of hail.  It accumulated a bit even with surface temperatures at 48 degrees.

Just be careful today with the wind.  High profile vehicles are most affected.  Conditions should start to improve by tomorrow with slightly warmer temperatures.


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  1. Sled Hill says:

    TS, that is really wonderful news. Seven months in the hospital? UGH! I’ll keep praying for her and your family. Thanks for the update.

  2. Fort Erie says:

    I just tried and as I was downloading a picture my screen went black and then Windows shut down – is it safe to try again

  3. Fort Erie says:

    Just checking to see if it worked

  4. Fort Erie says:

    yeah it worked – thanks everyone

  5. Amherst Weather Lover says:

    I wasn’t happy to see my posts deleted, but I understand that you guys were trying to get rid of the garbage from the troll. I signed up of the avatar so this can’t happen again. I hope it works!

  6. C from P says:

    Amherst Wx Lover – that’s odd, your post from 2:20pm today isn’t showing your gravatar, so you must’ve posted using a different email address earlier on?

  7. C from P says:

    Looks like more heavy rain forecasted for Wednesday, NWS mentions flooding could be an issue due to the rainfall we’ve had the past few days.

    HPC 1-3 day outlook:


  8. Amherst Weather Lover says:

    Yes, when I first started reading/posting this blog I had a roadrunner email address but have changed over to gmail over the last year because I like the features. I still use roadrunner occasionally for the things I forget or don’t care if I receive emails there. This blog “remembered” me at that email address so I kept it until I made my avatar. Now whenever I post, it will be obvious that it’s ME and not some imposter. :)

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