A Milder…somewhat Unsettled Period

September 20th, 2011 at 7:16 am by under 4 Warn Weather

Temperatures will be reasonably warm for this time of year, right into the beginning of next week.    Most of Thursday’s showers exit the area by early afternoon.  More rain showers develop toward Friday evening of which a few will linger into Saturday.  A large upper level low pressure area takes up residence just west of WNY, over the Great Lakes, toward weeks end.  The close proximity of that weather system will keep a continued threat of some scattered showers in the forecast for the weekend, but  there should be some salvageable time with a somewhat greater chance of dry weather Sunday.   

Autumn begins on Friday at 5:05 AM.

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  1. Thinksnow11 says:

    How do I find the rain totals for WNY on a daily basis?

  2. Don Paul says:

    TS, on the NWS Buf home page, there’s Daily Summary in the left margin for 7am-7am totals at many sites,and there’s also CoCoRahs in the margin, which takes more manipulation but gets you more sites.

  3. C from P says:


    Click on “Maps” (at the top), then Precipitation Maps. You’ll have to click on NY/Erie County on the map to see totals reported by spotters.

    NWS also posts spotter summary reports within the Buffalo site…


    If you look further, you can find the same info on the Hydrology page – left-hand menu, then click “Daily Summary”.

  4. lcs says:

    So many links in my “favorite” list that it’s getting time to check and see how much duplication is there. TS, just added a couple of more due to your request.
    We’ve had sun, rain, clouds….but no snow, thankfully. Just about 63F and rain gauge reads 0.02. Turning into a nice day here, but definately Fall like.

  5. Thinksnow11 says:

    Thanksdon and C From P, also in my favorites now. looks like the Canadaway basin area received roughly 1/3″ of rai. IF we can squeeze another 1/2″ to, dare I hope, and 1″ of rain the creeeks will rise suffiently to open the creek mouths and well the fish will stream in. Pardon the pun.

  6. Don Paul says:

    Ensembles continue to show a milder than average finish to September and first week of October. There may be some short term modest cooling during the slow, slow movement of this developing cutoff low during the next 5 days.

  7. Jr. Johnson in Friendship says:

    Speaking of stuff falling from the skies :


  8. lcs says:

    Why struggle with a gravatar? Who cares.

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