Peck’s Pop’s-Bills vs. Chiefs

September 11th, 2011 at 5:56 pm by under 4 Warn Weather

Here are some quick thoughts on the Bills win in Kansas City.

1. First off, the run defense answered the critics and gave us proof or their improvement.  They allowed only 108 yards to the team that led the NFL last year, and ran for 274 against Buffalo.  That shows improvement.  KC did average 6.0 a carry, but that had as much to do with two runs over 20 yards.  The Chiefs run game was never a factor, although they fell behind so early that it changed their approach.

2.  I love that Scott Chandler is a part of the offense.  He’s not flashy, fast or dynamic.  But you don’t have to be.  He’s a big target with good hands.  It gives Fitzpatrick an option in the passing game, and something defenses have to account for.

3.  I didn’t think Fitz threw the ball particularly well, regarding his accuracy.  He missed some throws an NFL QB should not.  But overall, the day was very good.  It’s what you’ll get with Fitzpatrick.  Some plays you hate, some you wonder about, and some that show you how smart he is and how much he understands the offense.

4.  That ties into what I saw from Chan Gailey. I loved the play calling.  Gailey knows what he has in Fitz, the receivers and even Chandler.  Use them to the best of their ability.  Don’t ask them to do more than they can.  Smart football.

5.  Brad Smith converted two first downs on third and short.  Perfect.  Exactly what he’s here for.

6.  Youngsters on defense made plays.  Chris White forced the kickoff fumble.  Aaron Williams was thrown in there to play when McGee got hurt.  Dareus deserves some credit for the good run defense.

7.  While it may not make fans feel good, and may not lead to big preseason predictions, you can win in the NFL with a bunch of hard-working guys who play hard and are well coached.  That’s what we saw today.  Was it because the Chiefs aren’t very good?  Maybe.  But it may be enough to make this a successful season until ever more good players arrive and the young ones mature.

8.  Sorry to do this.  But it’s only one game.  It’s a great sign.  But it’s only one game.  Be happy, but be careful.


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  1. Boy I disagree, Paul. The run defense gave up six yards a carry on a day when the offense was putting up huge numbers. What’s going to happen when the offense has a normal day and the opponent can keep running the ball?

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