First Widespread Winter Storm of the Season is On Its Way

January 31st, 2011 at 3:01 pm by under 4 Warn Weather

The storm we began advertising as “one to watch” back on Thursday and Friday is still on track to deliver a heavy snowfall and gusty winds to our region. A preliminary light snow will develop toward Tuesday AM, with 2-3″ more snow on Tuesday, keeping roads slippery. But the Main Event will come much later Tuesday night into Wednesday AM. After midnight Tuesday night, widespread snow will overspread our region and become heavy at times long before dawn. This storm will be complicated by a strengthening NE wind producing considerable blowing and drifting snow by and during Wednesday, making for very hazardous travel. Most areas will receive at least 8″ of snow by mid morning Wednesday, and possibly a good deal more than that–depending on the exact track of the storm. If the track gets nudged a little further north, there could be a period of sleet or freezing rain in northern PA and possibly into parts of the s tier, and even a drying period for a few hours (with a “dry slot” of air coming around the bottom of the storm), and if gets nudged a little further south, it would be all snow for all locations. Amounts can NOT be written in stone at this point. But with probable NE winds of 15-30 (gustiest north of Buffalo), the Wed AM commute looks especially challenging, with snowfall rates decreasing to moderate by midday and for the afternoon.  Of course, the meteorologists of WeatherWatch 4 will keep you updated before and during the storm’s passage.

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  1. Paul K says:

    8.0″ (24 hr total) in Newstead as of 10:00pm… 3″ of mostly very fluffy snow since 2pm. Finally seems to have let-up…

  2. Newfane – I’ve thrown similar suggestions out there, the use of a full-blown message forum would help keep things under control, but requires a bit more administration than a blog. It’s much more configurable, and would require users to register before posting, as well as providing an easy way to track IP’s or those who come in through anonymous proxy servers to obfuscate their IP’s.

  3. Don Paul says:

    To my knowledge, LIN Media tv stations have to use blogs and website in comformity with what the corporation says we can use–as is the case in most station groups.

  4. Adam From Hamburg says:

    Thanks Ron, I’m tired so I’ll read more of that tomorrow. THANKS! Same thing as a October storm, sometimes with a SW wind the bands get so wide they skim the lakeshore of Hamburg right by me. If only I could go back in time :( Oh well. Night to all! Thanks Don and Mike as well as everybody for keeping us up to date for this storm.

  5. Don Paul says:


  6. neve says:


    So to summarize, Let it be known that Don failed to take into account recurring Model bias offset of turnover from snow to ice. Blizzard had predicted this in advance based on available personal historical data of this bias. Instead of Don asking for more info on this data.. Dictator Don deleted the post by this young aspiring soon to graduate MET.

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