Wannstedt’s role should be intriguing

January 21st, 2011 at 8:05 pm by under 4 Warn Weather

There’s a lot to like about the Bills move to hire Dave Wannstedt, as Assistant Head Coach/Inside LBs Coach.  It shows a team that’s ready to take the next step, after one terribly difficult 2010 season.

It also demonstrates that Head Coach Chan Gailey recognizes that he needs help on the defensive side of the ball-an overseer.

The Bills shoddy defense last season was mostly the product of their serious talent deficiencies.  But they could also use an experienced, practiced eye on the defensive side of the ball.    Gailey obviously recognizes that if he’s going to continue to play the major role that he does with the offense, he needs to let somebody else micro-manage the defense.

Ryan Fitzpatrick told me a few weeks ago that the best thing about Chan Gailey as a coach, is that he’s in every meeting with the quarterbacks.  That’s how much Gailey tends to his offense during the course of the practice week.

On game day, Gailey is the Bills offensive play caller, which in and of itself is an amazing feat.  But imagine how tough it must have been last season for Gailey to call the plays, then evaluate what went right and what went wrong when the offense came off the field.  While other Offensive Coordinators and play callers were busy looking at still pictures of formations and trading ideas with the quarterback, Gailey’s attention had to be pulled towards his players on the field–the defense.

Now, with Wannstedt in the fold, Gailey will no doubt feel much more comfortable making offensive adjustments on the sidelines, knowing that he has another set of eyes watching how the Bills defense performs.

It’s a step forward and a good sign for the Bills.  Hopefully it’s just one step in a productive offseason for the team.

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  1. Archy Bishop says:

    I do not quite understand his role.Is he the defensive coordinator ?

  2. Em Johnson says:

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. -Thomas Jefferson

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