WNY’s Team Now Has 3 WNYers

November 27th, 2010 at 8:27 pm by under 4 Warn Weather

With Naaman Roosevelt’s promotion to the Bills roster from the practice squad, there are now three native WNYers on the Bills 53 man roster.  Naaman (Buffalo-St. Joes) joins Jon Corto (Orchard Park) and Jehuu Caulcrick (Clymer).  That’s really cool and rally amazing.  What a thrill it must be for those guys to realize a dream they’ve probably had since they were young.  Not many people get to reach that moment they dreamed of.  I have to think that they value their spot on the roster a little more, because they understand what it means to the people they love.  It also means they may hear about the bad times a little more because everyone they’re close to has an investment in the team. 

Its also a great example to every other young football player, or athlete, in this area.  There are currently 10 Western New Yorkers on NFL rosters.  But to have three playing for the the hometown team not doubt inspires so many young kids.  This area has never been confused with Florida or Texas when it comes to NFL players.  But this is just another example of how the level of football is rising in this end of the state.

I’ve had a chance to know Naaman from my association with U.B, and all the way back to his days at St. Joes.  He’s a quiet, thoughtful kid who has always given his all on the football field.  What a reward for his hard work.  The pay raise isn’t so bad either.  Whether he plays a lot or not doesn’t matter.  This is great for our area and great for every kid who dreamed of playing for the Bills and wondered if it was a crazy idea.

Just ask Jon, Jehuu and Naaman.  It’s not so crazy.

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    heard this was on the news, can you add the clip to this article?? Thanks, Joe

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