Instant Thoughts: Bills Still Not Good Enough

November 7th, 2010 at 5:13 pm by under 4 Warn Weather

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Competetive, yes.  Good enough to win, no.  For the third straight week, the Bills played tough and had a legit chance at their first win.  For the third straight week, they showed why they’re a winless team.  You can’t keep making the same crucial mistakes and expect to win close games.  I put most of the blame on Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Just like his gaffes from the Chiefs game, his mistakes in this one cost Buffalo a chance to win.  The interception late on a deep ball intended for Stevie Johnson was an underthrown pass.  If Fitzpatrick puts more air on it, its a touchdown.  Instead, Tim Jennings runs underneath it and his return to the 23 sets up the Bears winning TD.  It was a good call, and one that Chan Gailey should expect an NFL quarterback to make.  I know Fitz has breathed life into the offense, but what has it gotten you? 

A few other thoughts about the 22-19 loss:

*The Bears were the most sacked team in the NFL.  Jay Cutler had been nailed 27 times.  How many today?  Just one by the Bills defense.

*Another tight end touchdown was the 8th given up by the Bills defense this season. 
*The Toronto crowd was close to 50/50 Bills and Bears fans. This is not unexpected based on the past games in the Rogers Centre.  What are you giving Canadian fans to root for?  No wonder they remain NFL fans, and not Bills fans.

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