Instant Thoughts: Bills vs. Chiefs

October 31st, 2010 at 6:38 pm by under 4 Warn Weather

Beyond the issue with late time outs on field goals, there are a few other reasons why the Bills lost to the Chiefs in overtime.

Yes, the defense was valient in holding KC to only ten points.  But once again they allowed a fourth team to rush for over 200 yards.  The Chiefs had a whopping 274, led by Jamaal Charles’ 177.  As we’ve seen, they won’t always be so lucky to still have a chance to win when they’re run through that much.  The rushing defense must improve.

Can we now stop the Ryan Fitzpatrick is the Future talk?  He looked today like he’s looked for most of his career.  Forget the Baltimore game, it was a blip.  Fitzpatrick’s interception at the end of regulation when the Bills were at the KC 41 blew a chance to win the game even before OT.  Its a pass a good quarterback will not make.

Then, in overtime, the Bills called the perfect play:  a deep sideline route to C.J. Spiller.  He was wide open.  But the pass was overthrown.  Inexcusable.  That too should have decided the game. 

I hate the field goal/timeout rule.  Coaches should have a limit on the clock when they can call one.  But its in the rules, and we’ve seen plenty of times when the one that doesn’t count misses, only to have the kicker make the adjustment and nail the next one.  Rian Lindell did not.  Remember, it was a 53 yarder, certainly no gimme.

The Bills lost this game, and the other six, because they just aren’t good enough to make the right plays at the right time.  The winning teams do.  They played hard today, and mostly they played well.  But in the NFL, that’s not good enough.  For a team without any other wins, its really not good enough.

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