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October 5th, 2010 at 10:34 pm by under 4 Warn Weather

This a trade that had to be made.  Lynch was the guy that had to go.  The Bills Tuesday deal of Lynch to the Seahawks was no surprise. Rumors of a trade have been floating around since April.  Teams wanted Lynch, believing that he has the talent and hard-running style to be effective with some form of offensive line in front.  The trade also allows Fred Jackson to return to the starters spot, and he’s the Bills best runner with no blocking.  It also allows C.J. Spiller more chances to play and get better. I would expect by midseason Spiller will be the main ballcarrier. 

Did the Bills get enough?  A 4th rounder in 2011 and a conditional 5th in 2012 sounds right. I don’t know if anyone ever offered a #3 to the Bills.  This is actually more than the Patriots got for Lawrence Maroney.  They had to include a #6 to get Denver’s #4.

Plus, Marshawn is only one more stupid decision away from another NFL suspension.  He’ll be more comfortable on the West Coast, but also closer to home and its troubles.

This trade leaves Paul Posluszny as the only draft pick remaining from 2007.  That’s horrible.  Those guys should be key starters and core players.  Taking a running back in the first round was probably a mistake anyway.  How good would a lineman look now? 

Just chalk it up to another Bills draft pick gone from Buffalo.  Some would say good riddance.  I say good idea.

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