Bills-Bengals: Instant Thoughts

August 29th, 2010 at 5:38 pm by under 4 Warn Weather

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Not really instant, because its 19 hours since the game ended.  But this is what I’ve been thinnking about following the Bills 35-20 win over the Bengals.

-The third preseason game means the most because the starters play the longest.  So this game tells us a lot about the Bills.  It tells us that there may be some promise and potential after the way they played against a playoff team from last year and a favorite for this year.

-I thought Trent Edwards looked great.  In control, making reads, not making mistakes. I want to think that this new offense has finally sunk-in for Trent.  He understands how to operate it….

-….and Chan Gailey has designed it to utilize Edwards strengths.  The mix of pass and run, the screens, the crossing routes…are all part of a master plan for moving the ball without a lot of talent.  It can be done, and it was Saturday.

-C.J. Spiller.  What else can you say.  He’s dynamic, exciting, gamebreaking.  Don’t get hung up on the -7 and -11 yard runs.  He’ll learn how to stop that.  Just remember, the player with the most negative runs in NFL history is Barry Sanders.

-Roscoe Parrish.  For real?  Really?  No kidding? Seriously?  History tells me not to believe that he can be a legit receiver. Last night tells me that he can, and his quickness can be used.  We’ll see once we get to the season.  But Gailey is smart, and he seems to have figured out a way to put Parrish in space, where he is a terror.

-The starting defense still needs work.  Carson Palmer blizted them for two scores on three drives.  The other drive ended on a 4th down stop.  There were some impressive plays by the D, but not enough.  This transition to the 3-4 may take time for the right pieces to be in the right places.

-The special teams were awful again.  Its hard to judge because you don’t know if the regular guys are always out there.  But there were 51 and 31 yard kickoff returns, and an 11 yard punt return. Bruce DeHaven hasn’t forgotten how to coach.  But the bottom of the roste is not real talented, and those are your special teams guys.

-Overall, I’m still not adding to the 5-6 wins I expect from the Bills.  But I think that Gailey will get the most out of what he has, which means there will be a few upsets and games won by coaching.  The talent isn’t there yet, but when it is, it should be fun to watch.

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