Rookie camp observations

May 7th, 2010 at 9:06 pm by under 4 Warn Weather

After viewing just one rookie minicamp workout, is it too early to draw any conclusions?   Absolutely.

Will I do it anyway?  Absolutely.

We get just one chance to watch the Bills rookies and young players work out this weekend, and I took advantage of that Friday morning.  Here are a couple of random observations from the 75-minute practice

1.  C.J. Spiller is a specimen.   I mean a serious, athletic specimen.  He looks fit and quick, and completely stands out athletically on a field full of good athletes.  It wasn’t until he talked after practice about how spring is typically his track season at Clemson, that it hit home for me.  Spiller is a bonafide blue chip athlete who could be a difference maker in the NFL with the ball in his hands.

2.  Levi Brown has some tools.  With only two quarterbacks in for practice this week, it was either Brown or Brohm that caught your attention.  Brown, the Bills 7th round pick from Troy, caught my eye with his quick release.  He’s bigger than I thought he would be (6-3; 6-4) and his arm looks really good.  He appears to have the classic arm flick starting from the ear hole on his helmet, and delivers the ball with authority.  Definitely bears watching.

3.  Torell Troup is a classic wide body.  It’s something you can’t tell just by looking at his measurements–6-2, 310 lbs.  You have to get a look at his build to see that he fits the mold of a classic space-eating 3/4 nose tackle.  I’m not saying he can play, he just looks the part.

4.  Namaan Roosevelt is a gamer.  After one practice, I already find myself rooting for the UB and St. Joe’s product.  Roosevelt went over the middle, down the sidelines, all over the field, and fought hard for every pass thrown his way.  He showed surprisng strength breaking tackles (camp tackles anyway) and fighting for extra yardage after the catch.  He’s not the biggest, fastest, or most accomplished receiver in a pretty talented receiving group, but he may be a player.

5. Jon Corto is back where he belongs.  He’s back at safety, after spending the last couple of years trying to fit in as a linebacker.  He’ll make his mark on special teams anyway, but Corto has a better chance of sticking on the roster if he can fill in as a safety backup. 

6.  C.J. Spiller has plenty of “causes”  Both of his wrist are full of those rubber charity wristbands (Lance Armstrong “Livestrong”) and it’s pretty comical to see.  I asked him if he’s ever said “NO” to anyone who asked him to wear a wristband.  “I just love wearing them,” he said.

OK, six observations from 75-minutes of practice.  If I watch one more workout, I will be ready to predict the Bills won-loss record.

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