Booker on the wall

May 3rd, 2010 at 11:17 pm by under 4 Warn Weather

Congratulations are in order to longtime Bills CB Booker Edgerson.  The Bills announced Monday that Edgerson is this year’s inductee to their Wall of Fame.

I am privileged to be a member of the Wall of Fame selection committee and was more than happy to add my vote in favor of Edgerson ten days ago when we met.  But Bills fans should know it was a long  and thoughtful discussion that preceded the vote, maybe one of the most interesting selection meetings we’ve ever had.

The Wall of Fame Committee has been busy in recent years enshrining some of the key players from the Bills Super Bowl run.  For the most part,l these were no-brainers:  Kelly, Reed, Smith, Talley, Tasker, etc. 

There are still some other candidates from those glory years of the franchise who were discussed this year, including Steve Christie, Cornelius Bennett, Bill Polian, and others. 

But I was heartened to hear that my fellow committee members were not writing off the great stars from the AFL Championship teams of the mid-sixties.  And when we started discussing some of those candidates, it became clear that Edgerson was the best choice.

Hearing my friend Van Miller, former Bills trainer Ed Abramkowski, team owner Ralph Wilson, and longtime Buffalo News columnist Larry Felser talk about Edgerson’s career put me and other voters over the top.  These “senior” members of our committee talked about Booker’s ability to shut down opposting wide receivers, some of the best in the game (Alworth, Taylor, etc.).  Van, Abe, Larry and Mr. Wilson insisted that Edgerson was a key member of that stifling Bills defense in the mid-sixties.

I remember watching Edgerson play in the sixties, and I know how important to was to a defense that had several standouts, like Butch Byrd, George Saimes, Stratton, Jacobs, Sestak, McDole, etc.  But hearing the veterans on our panel talk about Edgerson’s importance to that team was enough for my vote.

I think the Bills Wall of Fame is a singular honor reserved for only the very best in franchise history.  I have no doubt our committee will discuss the remaining players from the Super Bowl era in the years ahead.  I love the fact that only one enshrinee goes on the wall each year–it should be an exclusive group.  And there is nothing wrong with players waiting a year or two before they’re enshrined.

Congratulations to Booker.  Let’s hear your thoughts.

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  1. Leelee says:

    All respect to Booker, but it was a political decision to add him. You can’t argue that he was even the best player at his position during the mid-sixties, behind Butch Byrd. Fair enough. It’s no secret that Mr. Wilson has many grudges and biases.

  2. gordon chudy says:

    with all do respect to mr.edgerson i have to agree with leelee politics saban and gilchrist come on murph your the voice of the bills talk some sense into ralph

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