McNabb Trade Messes Up Bills

April 8th, 2010 at 12:17 pm by under 4 Warn Weather

While Bills fans may have hoped the team traded for Donovan McNabb, they should be even more disappointed that the Redskins did.  Because that will have an effect on the first round of the upcoming NFL Draft.  Without the deal for McNabb, Washington would have likely picked a quarterback, possibly Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen.  Now, the Skins will look to fill their other big need, an offensive tackle.  That’s the same big need the Bills have.  That means one more of the top tackles will be gone when Buffalo picks 9th. 
Oklahoma State’s Russell Okung, Iowa’s Bryan Bulaga (right) and Oklahoma’s Trent Williams appear to be the top three left tackles.  The Bills would have quickly grabbed any of them.  But now, with Washington set to grab one at #4, who will be left.  The Chiefs at five, the Seahawks at six and the Raiders at eight all have needs for a tackle.  So the top three could be gone by the time the Bills pick comes up.  Rutger’s Anthony Davis and Maryland’s Bruce Campbell are the next two on the list, but they may not be worthy of a top ten pick.
The Bills need for a left tackle is glaring.  But do they reach at #9, or wait to get one later?  A name to watch could be Indiana’s Rodger Saffold, who was coached in college by current Bills assistant offensive line coach Bobby Johnson.
What other positions could they target?  Receiver?  A need, but there does not appear to be one worthy at nine.  Defensive lineman?  Maybe a good nose tackle like Tennessee’s Dan Williams?  A linebacker like Alabama’s Rolando McClain would help.
So curse the Redskins for getting a good quarterback like McNabb and also potentially messing up the Bills draft plans.

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