Sabres are busy on Deadline Day

March 4th, 2009 at 4:39 pm by under 4 Warn Weather
Sabres New Center Dominic Moore (right)

Sabres New Center Dominic Moore (right)

Darcy Regier the wheeler-dealer?  Today, he was.  His reputation as an aggresive general manager is now growing.  So what did he accomplish with his four roster moves?

*Re-signing Tim Connolly:  I think its overall a good move.  I’m a little suprised by the money, but pleasantly suprised by the length of th deal.  I figured Connolly would hold out for at least three years, despite his health record.  Maybe the Sabres had to overpay.  He makes them a better team when he’s on the ice.  I believe Regier when he says there was not much better out there in trade or this summer’s free agency.  He’s a good player, and you kept him at not a stupid money amound.  Almost every decent 2nd-line offensive player in the NHL gets $4 million.

*Trading for Mikael Tellqvist:  For just a 4th round pick, why not?  Even if he only plays once before Miller comes back.  If Lalime got hurt, you were done.  Now, you’re covered with an experienced NHL guy.  He can give Lalime a rest, and then head to Portland to mentor Enroth when Miller comes back.  There are some signs that Miller could return next week.  Regier flat out said Miller is not done for the season. 

*Trading for Dominic Moore:  I don’t know that much about him.  He seems like a gritty, hard-working team guy.  He was having a career year in Toronto.  He’s a free agent, and if he plays well the next month…he could be re-signed for not a lot of money.  Remember, he’s a third-line center on this team. 

*Trading Ales Kotalik to Edmonton:  Whatever.  He had a big shot, and he was great on shootouts.  He was due to be a free agent, and the Sabres can dump his $2.3 million dollar salary.  He had his moments, but not enough of them.  When the Sabres really needed him to score, he usually didn’t answer the bell.  I don’t know that any Sabres fan will miss him.

What do you think about all the moves?

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  1. Chris Woodard says:

    Gotta agree on Kotalik even though I am a fan of his. He was good at shootouts but that’s about it. When he chose to show up, he could perform. But often he just slept walked thru the games. He’s a big guy, he should’a been a bigger hitter too.

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